Learn art right at home with our Home Studio Kits! This kit is for anyone wanting to experiment with art techniques, color and their own creativity.


Each kit includes:

  • 1 Canvas (outlined or blank)
  • Acrylic paint set
  • Acrylic brush set
  • Painter's palette
  • Printed Instructional Sheet


You will love creating something your very own! With the help of a drawn canvas, anyone can paint, no experience required. Or specify a blank canvas to start from scratch! When your kit supplies run out, continue your art experience by ordering additional supplies from our website. The fun never ends! this kit is for both kids and adults, and can be done all at home. Pickup and Delivery options available.


Some instructional videos available upon request.


Note About Acrylic Paint Colors:

  • Each kit includes basic and primary colors (Red, Yellow, Blue, Black & White). You can request additional colors if you would like a few more options for your painting, or more of the same color. Some instructional videos contain these extra colors, but do not significantly alter the completed painting. Any color can be mixed using the main 5.
  • To order additional colors (up to 5), please select the product and add them as a separate item at checkout. Your options include: Phthalo Green, Bright Purple, Neon Pink, or Burnt Sienna).

Home Studio Painting Kit - Basic

Please Select Outlined Image (Or Blank)
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